Horatio Bradwell

August 1908

Know all man by presents that whereas I, Isaac Arthur Fox of the Town of Dunnville in the county of Haldimand and Province of Ontario

Am a son of Rebecca Fox (whose maiden name was Bradwell) and John Fox of Bradwell, Derbyshire, England and a nephew of Horatio Bradwell of 14 Park Street, Broomfield Sheffield, England, retired Merchant & brother of my said mother Rebecca (Bradwell) Fox.

And Whereas my uncle the said Horatio Bradwell died about twenty one years ago, having first made his last will whereby he bequeathed inter the sum of £1000 to be divided amongst the Children of his sister Rebecca (Bradwell) Fox, my Mother, aforesaid to be paid after the death of his wife Ann Bradwell who received the income thereof during her life.

And Whereas the said Ann Bradwell died on or about the 17th of November last and the amount of the said legacy is now payable.

And whereas I desire to appoint my Brother-in-law Jabez [?] Birley Somerset of 44 Besmore road, Meersbrook, Sheffield, England, Cashier my attorney for me and in my name to receive my share and portion of the said legacy from the Executors of the estate of the said Horatio Bradwell and to give the necessary release or releases and discharge or discharges therefore

And whereas I am also entitled to a further share of the [illegible] bequest under the will of the said Ann Bradwell, widow of the said Horatio Bradwell and it is my desire that my said attorney shall also receive the same for me and in my behalf from the Executors of the estate of the said Ann Bradwell in the same manner.

Now know ye that I the said Isaac Arthur Fox do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint the said Jabez Birley Somerset to be my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name and in my [illegible] and stead to receive from the Executors of the estate of the said Horatio Bradwell and from the Executors of the estate of the Said Ann Bradwell the share or legacy payable to me under the last will and testament of the said Horatio Bradwell and the share of the [usiduary?] bequest payable to me under the last will and testament of the said Ann Bradwell or desirable as payable from or out of the said estates or either of them in any way whatsoever and to give all necessary receipts, releases and discharges therefore and to act in all respects with reference to the winding up of the said estates so far as I am concerned in my behalf in the same manner as I might do if personally present. I hereby agreeing to satisfy and consign whatsoever my said attorney shall do my virtue of these presents.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal at the Town of Dunnville in the county of Haldimand and province of Ontario.

Signed, sealed and executed (in triplicate) in presence of: [blank]

1. That I was personally present and did see the within instrument thereof duly signed, sealed and executed by Isaac Arthur Fox one of the parties thereto
2. That the said instrument and duplicates were executed in the Town of Dunnville
3. That I know the said party
4. That I am subscribing witness to the said Instrument and duplicates.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of [blank]


Scarlet’s [?] Plans, Toronto Junction
Dec 6th, 1907

Aunt Horatio’ Will:
£25 For John Ford as Executor
£300 Mary Ann free of Duty her servants
£100 Children’s Hospital
£100 Victoria Memorial Hall in Sheffield
£100 Chapel Trustees Crookes
£100 to the Weslyan Mission
£250 to Mrs. Wardle (Aunt’s Niece)
£250 Mr. Edmund Lee, nephew
£250 to another Mr. Lee, nephew
£250 to Mrs. Hadfield, niece
£250 to Mrs _____ Lister [illegible] the one above
£600 to provide a nurse for poor people in Braddon, to be called the Ann Fox [? Probably a typo – Ann Bradwell] Nursing Home
£20 to Constance Herberts
£10 to Annie Bradwell, Charlie Bradwell’s daughter
£10 to Elizabeth Buttons
£10 to Hannah Marie Langden
£250 to Joseph’s Hospital for Women
£250 to the Royal Hospital
£250 to Hanna Maria Needham

[total disbursements: £3385, which, depending on the measure, is valued at between £1,300,000 and £2,300.000 in 2007 currency]

if there is anything left after selling all & paying the above out it has to be divided between the nephews & nieces of her late husband’s share alike.

Dear Brother & Sister

Just a few lines hoping you are all in good health. We have just received letter from Hannah & hasten to let you have the news we are sending on your address to Hannah she did now know yours & she promised to get them for the Executors so that they can correspond with you after if Necessary. The above is a copy of Aunt Horatio’s will as I have had it sent to me. Hoping to hear from you soon as you have not answered my last letter.

I remain Your Loving Sister,
E.J. Jeffery

Across the top of the letter, in pencil:
I forgot to say this is only Aunt’s will. We shall still have the money Uncle left us in one years from Aunt’s Death