This blog is intended to be a digital record of the remaining Fox family letters, most of which were written well before the turn of the last century and handed down to me in an old shoebox. I’ll try to transcribe a letter a week, dating the posts based on when the letters themselves were written.  Hopefully, over time, the story of feuding and inheritance, scandal and success, will become clear as the stories told in these old, tattered pieces of paper are preserved here in digital form.

Once the letters are all transcribed, I’ll write an abridged version for those who are too impatient to read them all.


9 Responses to “About the Fox Family Letters Blog”

  1. This is a fantastic idea, Maggie! I’m a bit of a genealogy nut, and can only wish I had letters like these from my ancestors. Dating the posts with the actual dates of the letters is a brilliant move… I’m fairly sure you’re the only blogger with a blog archive page for January 1893!

  2. Bill Jeffery Says:

    Maggie I enjoyed the letters very much. They answered some questions I had for years. I never knew what hapened to George Fox.
    My grandmother was Emma Jane and my grandfather Tom Jeffery.

  3. Just to say I’ve been looking at the Bradwell side of this family. My late husband was a descendant of Josiah Bradwell ch 16 July 1822, son of George Dicken Bradwell and Rebecca Birley. Horatio Bradwell ch 28 Feb 1830 was a younger brother of Josiah, if my research is correct. Thank you so much, Maggie, for putting these letters on line. Cheers Judy

  4. Thanks again Maggie for the latest letter from the Fox collection. It’s certainly adding to my knowledge of the Bradwell family. Cheers Judy.
    PS I do have a history of the Bradwells if anyone from this Fox/Bradwell/Birley family would like to make contact via my email. If it doesn’t appear on this site just send a message here and I’ll leave my email in a reply.

  5. Bll Jeffery Says:

    Maggie I enjoy reading the letters that you posted over often. I find somthing interesting each time. Look forward to see more when you get time to type them and post them. I would like to get JUDY BRADWELL’S email to contact her about Bradwell family history as I have some I could exchamge with her.

  6. Hi – Bill, I’ve picked up on your message and would love to be in contact. Maggie has my email, Bill, and I am happy for her to pass it on.

  7. Gill Adams Says:

    Maggie, Thank you so much for going to the trouble to transcribe the letters and for allowing so many of us to be able to read them. My connection is with the Bradwell family starting with Thomas Bradwell b.abt 1653. It is very interesting to read about people in the letters you have who are on my Bradwell Tree. It gives a real insight into their lives.


  8. Hi Maggie- no idea if this late comment will reach you! Your letters are amazing and contain the names of several of my relatives. eg Rebecca Bradwell Fox is my first cousin 5 x removed. I was brought up in the village of Bradwell and both my mother and father come from old village families, in fact they shared a 5 x grandfather and grandmother! .
    I’d like to contact Judi if possible- may I have her email address?
    Many thanks!
    Christine Skerrow

  9. These are fun to read. I am glad to see other people are doing this. I am also transcribing family letters. I have started with my grandmother to her cousin, spanning from 1909 to 1965.

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