Scarlet’s [?] Plans, Toronto Junction
Dec 6th, 1907

Aunt Horatio’ Will:
£25 For John Ford as Executor
£300 Mary Ann free of Duty her servants
£100 Children’s Hospital
£100 Victoria Memorial Hall in Sheffield
£100 Chapel Trustees Crookes
£100 to the Weslyan Mission
£250 to Mrs. Wardle (Aunt’s Niece)
£250 Mr. Edmund Lee, nephew
£250 to another Mr. Lee, nephew
£250 to Mrs. Hadfield, niece
£250 to Mrs _____ Lister [illegible] the one above
£600 to provide a nurse for poor people in Braddon, to be called the Ann Fox [? Probably a typo – Ann Bradwell] Nursing Home
£20 to Constance Herberts
£10 to Annie Bradwell, Charlie Bradwell’s daughter
£10 to Elizabeth Buttons
£10 to Hannah Marie Langden
£250 to Joseph’s Hospital for Women
£250 to the Royal Hospital
£250 to Hanna Maria Needham

[total disbursements: £3385, which, depending on the measure, is valued at between £1,300,000 and £2,300.000 in 2007 currency]

if there is anything left after selling all & paying the above out it has to be divided between the nephews & nieces of her late husband’s share alike.

Dear Brother & Sister

Just a few lines hoping you are all in good health. We have just received letter from Hannah & hasten to let you have the news we are sending on your address to Hannah she did now know yours & she promised to get them for the Executors so that they can correspond with you after if Necessary. The above is a copy of Aunt Horatio’s will as I have had it sent to me. Hoping to hear from you soon as you have not answered my last letter.

I remain Your Loving Sister,
E.J. Jeffery

Across the top of the letter, in pencil:
I forgot to say this is only Aunt’s will. We shall still have the money Uncle left us in one years from Aunt’s Death