Undated, likely late 1887

My Dear Brother and Sister,

I am sorry I could not answer your letter before now, but I have been busy and was glad to hear you had a safe journey over the sea and you had settled down in home again and have seen about the policies for you, and I could not make anything of them but it strikes me I must have been to the wrong place, so send me the address and I will do my best for you about them.

I have good news for you, my Uncle Horatio has died and left Arthur 160 Pounds and all of us the same and us three young ones the extra from my Grandfather’s share that was lost in the bank so I think after all his greed, he has died worth eleven thousand pound, and divided it share and share alike. The Bradwells he has left only 100 each as they was more of a family than us, so you see there is fuel for a the fire, yet Emma Jane and Hannah are come to live at Manchester and my father has been over today to tell me about the money and he asked for your address and he said he would get George to write to you with love.

I must close hoping this will find you all in good health as it leaves me at present. With love and kisses to my little niece and the boys and all,

Your loving sister,
Jemima Fox

Church Inn
Clayton, near Manchester